GPSR – Virtual PBX over NBN

BOLDtech has been caring for the IT needs for Gloucester Property for several years and were naturally who they turned to when they needed to relocate offices recently, also leaving behind the analogue phone system.

As the local exchange was at capacity, GPSR were unable to get additional phone lines installed at their new premises. To meet their requirements for a cost-effective, scalable and reliable phone system, BOLDtech proposed a hosted virtual PBX running over their new NBN line.

GPSR also had a small branch office running out of Tamworth which relied on a Cisco VPN tunnel to get access to the head office file storage and property-management applications. The virtual PBX enabled the Tamworth office to manage the phone and transfer calls seamlessly between offices.

The Cisco ISR was able to be updated and reconfigured for FttN or VDSL connectivity from the former ADSL2+, and the ZBF security was tuned to enable VoIP traffic from the MNF Virtual-PBX whilst preventing ghost calls or exploits from malicious parties.

The client has been running the system successfully now for over a year and is delighted both with the performance of the system and the significantly reduced cost. A UPS fitted to their rack cabinet also mitigates potential power events and outages to both the phone and internet access. 

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