Managed Services


Infrastructure and App Monitoring

BOLDtech’s network monitoring service provides peace of mind that your business-critical IT systems are running to optimum efficiency. Intelligent software proactively tests your systems and can foresee problems before they arise. Support is no longer reactive but proactive and predictive whilst our 24/7 alert systems means that service restoration can be cared for overnight instead of waiting for the doors open in the morning.

Our sophisticated remote monitoring platform can oversee a wide range of technologies, including server and storage platforms, operating systems, networking and security infrastructures. BOLDtech’s responsiveness to key issues and potential problems reduces recovery time and improves the availability of your systems.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Your business success relies on the seamless delivery and availability of mission-critical systems to your workforce and customers. This makes it critical that you have a reliable disaster recovery plan.

nScaled Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) by Acronis supports organizations with very low tolerance for the unavailability of data and business-critical systems. Whether you need to recover a single file, a database, or an entire server – it is as easy as a push-of-a-button. Acronis nScaled DRaaS ensures that your business stays in business by providing a flexible, pay-as-you-go service.

Our expert consultants will work with you to design a solution that fits your business requirements as well as helping with ongoing management to ensure you get the best value from the solution.

Backup as a Service

Data backup is critical to responsible business operation. A major data loss incident could be disastrous and a secure, available cloud data backup service is crucial to maintaining your business continuity and corporate reputation.

Partnering with industry-leading cloud backup provider, Acronis, BOLDtech provides comprehensive and cost-effective data backup solutions. Utilising cloud backup, with unique features such as WAN acceleration technology, avoid the cost and hassle of having to double your bandwidth due to exploding data volumes or having to build and maintain your own off-site backup facility.


As businesses become more dependent on technology, the need for high-quality IT support has also grown. This need can overwhelm many businesses with by the complexities of handling their own IT support.

The best reason to outsource your IT support is because it could result in substantial savings for your company. Businesses can see savings of up to 40% by outsourcing their IT tasks. In large part, the lower costs of outsourcing stem from the money businesses save on hiring and training internal IT staff.

More efficient use of technology can also reduce administrative costs, further increasing the amount of money that companies can save by working with an MSP.

Managed IT support services can help businesses protect themselves from the threats posed by cybercriminals. Outsourcing security tasks, especially security testing and monitoring, allows your company to enjoy full protection against attacks without needing to directly employ the large force of IT workers needed to provide that protection.